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Welcome to Liberty Sisters
The reference location for the Statue of Liberty replicas of the Boy Scouts of America

It is our intention to provide a complete an accurate information as possible on the Liberty Sisters statues and a list of locations with full of information. Adding to this pictures of the Statue of Liberty replicas to reinforce the information.  This site will be the Libertypedia of the little sisters.

Deep research into each and every statue location will give you a great understanding of those who brought these statues to their communities.  This site will be the source of the most accurate possible information on the statues.

From pictures, location list, to history and stories; who got them installed and the originators of the Crusade. Even though all pictures and information on this site is copyrighted, we encourage you to contact us for reprint privileges (Educators and news companies – see the Media Pack page). We have and will be visiting as many of these sites ourselves to bring you current information and activities of the statues.

Other sites and locations present bits and pieces of information on the Sisters, but nowhere is an all-inclusive location to provide information in great detail about this great Boy Scout event. We intend to be that location that hopes to received the right to call ourselves the Pedia at the end of Liberty ie. Libertypedia of Liberty Sisters.

The Boy Scout Troop 101 of Cheyenne WY is to be highly commended for their work in providing a beginning of locating many of these statues. I do so understand the amount of energy that it took them to gather that information. If you wish to visit their site – you will find it on our LINKS page. So again I truly commend their action,

This site will provide a much more in-depth information of each statue and what has happen to it over the years, who originally worked to make it happen in their community as well as any renovation of the statues in the following years.

There are many replicas of the Lady Liberty but only about 200 that were actually from the Boy Scout’s Crusade.

If you have any questions – refer to the contact form to ask. I also welcome your pictures and stories to be able to add them to the site.

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