Clarence, Iowa

Clarence is a city in Cedar County, Iowa, United States.Population: 961 (2013)
Area: 176 ha
Elevation: 255 m

There is one fact in rural Iowa and that is the they love the local baseball teams and leagues.  With that in mind, the ball field is a place that many socialize while the kids play ball.  In a small town, any place people gather is an important place.  Smith Street is a cul de sac with a circular plaza at its end.  On the south side of the street is the community park which was created and dedicated to the community on its 100th anniverary.  On the north side of the street is the ball park and in the cul de sac is where you will find our Liberty Sister standing.  She has a arc backdrop of 8 tall cedars trees.  Her base is an eleven point star with a dozen small seats surrounding it.  She is a majestic site to behold as soon as you turn into the park/ball field entrance on Smith Street.  Beautifully maintained by a community filled with civic pride.

We are always interested in hearing your stories and seeing your historical pictures of the sisters.  If you have a story to share or some images related to our Lady Liberty Sister please use our online form to submit your data.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping this site as complete and up to date as possible.

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