Irondale, Missouri

Irondale is a city in Washington County, Missouri, United States. The population was 445 at the 2010 census.
Population: 456 (2013)
Area: 140 ha

According to the July2, 1950 St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Independence day will be celebrated Tuesday at Irondale reservation by an open house program, including dedication of a replica of the Statue of Liberty purchased by youths and their leaders.

The above is one of the few references we can locate about this sister.  There is some suggestion that many articles from Irondale Reservation were relocated to the S-F Camp outside Farmington, MO when the St. Council decided to relocate their summer camp activities away from Irondale in favor of the S-F location.  I have viewed this location using Google Earth but cannot locate any standing replica.  If you know anything  about this sister, photos, rumors, stories, her where abouts or demise please use our online form to submit you information.  We appreciate any leads we can get on this replica.
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