New Castle, Pennsylvania

new-castle-paNew Castle is a city in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, United States, 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and near the Pennsylvania-Ohio border just 18 miles east of Youngstown, Ohio; in 1910, the total …

Population: 22,748 (2013)

Area: 22.3 km²

This sister stands atop a very tall pedestal.  Her pedestal and base both appear to be made of polished granite.  Her square base has a solid top so there are no flowers at the sisters feet.  However, like several of her sisters and the original lady, she has her own island.  Her’s formed by the intersections of S Cronton Ave, Grove and S Mill Streets.  She is the only structure on the island and there is a large flower bed at the south western end.  The rest of the island is manicured grass.  Her island is just across S Croton Ave from the Shenango River at pretty much the center of the city.  A prominent location for a community proud of its freedom.

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