Harlan, Kansas

Harlan is an unincorporated community in Smith County, Kansas, USA.

Their sister resides in a road side park on the west side of  US 281, 5 miles from Harlan.   When we visited this sister she was found at Mace Body Shop in nearby Smith Center, Kansas where she was undergoing restoration.  Google Earth imagery from 3/13/2014 shows her proudly atop her pedestal surrounded by her eleven point star base.  The little park she is in sits off an access road which can be used either from the north or south of the park circle.  The coordinates we give are for the statue herself.

We have not visited with this sister and we are in need of images and/or stories related to her.  If you can provide photos and/or stories please use our online form to submit your information.  We appreciate any assistance.

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